Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dolphins and sperm whales

Today we left the marina, it was grey and little bit more wind they expected but soon out on the see the sun came out and so the dolphins. We encountered a small group of common dolphins that soon grew bigger and bigger and we had a fun time with them. In the group we also had a dolphin missing the yellow colour (see photo). Then we got the news that our lookout had seen some disturbance in the water and we went to search for it but no luck. Then it was time to return but our captain decided: lets see the dolphins again! And we passed by and once again enjoyed their wonderful company. We also saw several great skuas during the trip.

In the afternoon we started with the common dolphins close to Ponta Delgada then continued further to the nortwest of the island where our lookout had spotted sperm whales at the beginning of the afternoon. It was a long ride, but it was well worth it, both for the beautiful coastal views and the sperm whales. We encountered a group of sperm whales, at least 4 of them together and a few more spread out. We got to see one up close as it approached our boat, and the tails of two others.

Photos from today:

Common dolphin with normal colouration

Dark common dolphin

Normal and dark common dolphins together

Common dolphins

Great Skua

Great Skua

Great Skua

Sperm whale at the surface

Sperm whale going on a deep dive

The west coast of São Miguel Island

Enjoying the views

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