Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The playful common dolphins

We woke up this morning with a beautiful sunrise, cold and bright. At 9am we were starting the tour. Having good sea conditions, also the fishermen were out on the ocean trying to find a shoal of mackerel. There they were using traditional methods to fish them. Side by side, we sighted a few marine birds and, finally, the incredible common dolphins with their shinning yellowish sides. We spent a delightful time with this species. As is in their nature, they approached the boat and stayed in the front, bowriding behaviour and swimming around us for a long time. It was a group of over 25 individuals, including juveniles and a calf! It’s always incredible to see wildlife and to be so near it!

Some photos of today:

1 comment:

wietske joanna ibiza said...

An amazing experience! Feel very grateful for having watched this beautiful creatures!
This, the crew, the whole island is just super!! Thank you all !

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