Friday, February 19, 2016

The start of the baleen whale season

This morning was both exciting and frustrating because we knew that whales were off the south coast of São Miguel Island, but we didn't manage to see one, despite our patience and search efforts. Our coastal lookout did a great job of spotting the blows of a couple of baleen whales offshore, but once we got to the area he was not seeing them anymore. We searched and searched but without luck. As we headed inshore again one of our biologists and a passenger aboard the catamaran spotted the blow of a whale. However, our excitment slowly faded as we waited and waited, again without luck. The fact that there are baleen whales out there marks the start of our next baleen whale season. During the spring months baleen whales (mostly fin whales, blue whales and sei whales) migrate past the Azores on their way north to feed in the Artic. It's a favourite time of the year for Futurismo's biologists, so we are really looking forward to the baleen whale season to be in full swing. Luckily we were not left with nothing. Closer to shore we enjoyed an encounter with a group of common dolphins. For our catamaran clients the encounter was particularly memorable as we were with a fairly large group and the dolphins came close to our boat to bowride. Our bird enthusiasts aboard this morning also enjoyed a close look at a couple of great skuas that were following our boat for a long time. The bonus for our zodiac boat clients was an encounter with a loggerhead turtle.

Photos from the morning:


    Some of our clients in the zodiac:

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