Friday, February 5, 2016

Wild whale and dolphin show

This morning's whale and dolphin watching tour was like an incredible wild show, as we got to see some really incredible behaviours and displays. In the beginning of the morning we encountered some common dolphins leaping high out of the water. As we approached we could see they were chasing small fish, probably mackerel. Both the fish and the dolphins were leaping out of the water, making photography difficult, but giving us a nice look at the dolphins having their breakfast. Next our coastal lookout guided us further along the island and out to deep water where he had spotted a group of sperm whales. Not long after we arrived to the area we spotted a whale breaching (leaping out of the water) out in the distance. The show continued as we made our way over to the sperm whale who did some more full-body breaches followed by many lobtails (slapping its tail on the surface of the water). We were in luck as the whale continued lobtailing as we got closer, throwing its tail high in the air and bringing it down with a lot of force. It was really exhilirating! Nothing compares to such a magnificent show from one of the largest animals in the world. Along the way back we briefly enjoyed the company of some more common dolphins as well as a few seabirds that we spotted for bird enthusiasts aboard.

Photos from today:

 The lobtailing sperm whale as we approached it from a distance

Old dark skin peeling off after all the breaching and lobtailing

More patches of peeling skin along the body

The same sperm whale, in the end calmly logging at the surface

Common dolphin leaping after a fish (not so easy to photograph today)

Black-legged kittiwake - a winter visitor

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