Monday, March 21, 2016

A grand group of bottlenose dolphins

Today we had a huge group of bottlenose dolphins off the south coast of São Miguel Island. It was incredible to see so many of these dolphins come together into what would be considered a superpod for this species in this area. Normally we encounter smaller groups of about 15-20 bottlenose dolphins here, but today we had at least 100 individuals together. It was difficult to estimate exactly how many there were because they were spread out over a large area and we were only with a small part of about 80 individuals at a time. Everywhere we looked in the distance we saw more of them leaping out of the waves. In the afternoon a part of the group came together into a tighter group so that it appeared that the water was boiling from the activity of the dolphins at the surface. We also spotted some baby dolphins in the group which is always a nice sight. Although our lookout did spot some baleen whales throughout the day we didn't manage to see them from our boats today. Luckily the dolphins more than made up for this today.

Photos from the morning:

Our swimming with dolphins boat

One of the baby dolphins

Photos from the afternoon:

Surfacing high 

Bottlenose dolphins everywhere

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