Monday, March 7, 2016

A morning of whale watching and afternoon swimming with dolphins

Today we had a whale and dolphin watching tour in the morning and swimming with dolphins in the afternoon. In the morning we were lucky to encounter 3 different species: a fin whale, which was probably one of the two that we have been encountering the last days, common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. In the afternoon we returned to the ocean, these time with our wetsuits and equiped with mask and snorkel to try our luck swimming with one of the dolphin species. The common dolphins were near Ponta Delgada and it was a nice group of about 10 individuals. We had a small group of clients so everyone had the chance to enter the water many times to see the dolphins passing by underwater. We recognised one of the individuals easily from the small wound on the tip of its beak that makes it look from the distance as if it is wearing lipstick. Following are a few photos from the swimming tour:

 One of our clients in the water with the dolphins

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