Thursday, March 3, 2016

Celebrating World Wildlife Day with whales and dophins

Today it's World Wildlife Day and we spent in the best way we can think of - with whales and dolphins in the Azores! We had two fin whales around throughout the day, so it was an honour to be to be with them, appreciating their big size of at least 20 m from aboard our boats, which are much smaller than these whales. In the afternoon there was one special moment in particular in which the whales suddenly surfaced close behind one of our boats, Song of Whales, and swam alongside us (see our video by clicking HERE). The same thing happened to us with the very same boat two days ago. Sometimes it seems they like the sound of the engine of this boat. It's nice to see the animals being as curious towards us as we are towards them, and this is something we see often with the dolphins. In the morning today we encountered bottlenose dolphins and in the afternoon common dolphins, completing our tours and putting smiles on everyone's faces.

Photos from today:

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