Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Fin whales all around

Today we had an awesome time with lots of fin whales around. In the morning we encountered two whales, and in the afternoon four, but we could see more blows around us. We think that there were at least 6 whales around in the afternoon, it was difficult to be sure as we seemed to switch whales a few times every time a pair came up. Some of the surfacings were close to our boats today, allowing us to get some great photos of these gentle giants. We also spent time with bottlenose dolphins in the morning (the same group some of our clients swam with yesterday) and common dolphins in the afternoon. They were calm and playful groups that didn't hesitate to bowride and look at us.

Photos from the morning:

The fin whale from the morning

Fin whale surfacing to breathe

A curious bottlenose dolphin

A bottlenose dolphin diving

Bottlenose dolphin outside of Ponta Delgada

Common dolphins

Photos from the afternoon:

One of the fin whale with a powerful blow

Fin whale curving its back to dive

The mouth of one of the fin whales

A common dolphin coming towards us

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