Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March starts with lots of whales

We continue with our wonderful trips with whale sightings. Today again the sea was full of fin whales. We saw them in 3 different areas and quite close to the shore. The first one of today was a big one that we also saw on the 26th of February, so we have a re-sighting of a few days. We can recognise them by natural markings on their dorsal fins, just like with dolphins. During our encounter with one whale we had close by a wonderful group of Risso's dolphins. We haven't seen this species since November, 2015 so it was a pleasant sight.

Both the morning and the afternoon tours were spent with fin whales. In the afternoon we resighted the same whale from the morning and the 26th, one that is easily recognised from the large nick in its dorsal fin. This whale was together with another fin whale, diving and travelling and one time surprising us by surfacing close behind us and swimming alongside our boat. We also encountered a nice curious group of common dolphins in the afternoon, giving us a total of 3 cetacean species for the day.

Photos from this morning:

First fin whale of today

Risso's dolphin smile!

Risso's dolphin

Second fin whale

Song of Whales

Photos from the afternoon:

Common dolphin

Fin whale - one of the first surfacings

Fin whale head, showing the protruding blowholes

The resighted fin whale with a large nick in its dorsal fin

A close encounter with one of the whales, hence the head of one of our passengers in the foreground

Coming up to breathe, showing the blowholes very well

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