Monday, February 29, 2016

Sperm whales galore

After some days with fin whales it was a nice surprise to have sperm whales around today. In the morning we had only a dolphin swimming tour booked, so we spent the morning swimming with a wonderful and curious group of common dolphins. In the afternoon we had a whale and dolphin watching tour booked for our catamaran, so this time, as well as seeing the common dolphins, we went out to see some sperm whales our lookout had spotted to the southwest of São Miguel Island. We received information that there should be 3 whales around, but to our luck we ended up encountering more. In the end we don't actually know how many were spread out in the area, as they were coming up at different times in different places. We got to see it all; pairs and single whales, whales at the surface for a long time, some tails and even breaching (a whale leaping out of the water). What a nice way to end the month of February. 

Photos of the sperm whales:

Common dolphins

Common dolphin looking up while bowriding

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