Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Whales and dolphins having breakfast

We continue with our encounters with fin whales! Today we went out in our zodiac and saw two whales together swimming and feeding. It was amazing because they got very close to our boat, so we were seeing and listening to them very clearly. In Futurismo we have some approaching rules for the animals, in order to not to stress them too much we keep a safe distance to them, but of course the animals don’t know these rules and sometimes they approach us!
We did also spend some time with a group of bottlenose dolphins that was also feeding in association with our very emblematic bird, the Cory’s Shearwater, which is very important and protected in the Azores as the 75-80% of the population of Cory’s Shearwaters nest in our archipelago. In the following months they will start making their nests and laying a single egg. They also help us a lot in finding dolphins, as they feed together on small schooling fish. So when the dolphins are hunting and pushing the fish to the surface they profit and feed too, if we see them flying around we are always checking out for dolphins!

Some photos of our trip: 


Cory's shearwater spent the majority of their life in the sea


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