Friday, March 18, 2016

Whales in the waves

The sea has calmed down again and we had whales out there waiting for our return. It was a group of at least 8 sperm whales that we could count at the surface at one time. There were a few young ones, surfacing high to get their heads out over the swell, among several adult females. With a bit of luck and patience our last boat with the whales got to see two of the adults raise their tails high above the waves to start a deep dive. Our photos of their tails show that they are both new to our catalogue and we hope to see them again in the future. As well as these whales some of us also had some dolphin encounters with 3 different species throughout the day. In the morning one of our boats came across striped dolphins and Risso's dolphins and in the afternoon the Risso's dolphins were re-encountered, as well as a group of bottlenose dolphins (that our swimming clients also swam with). What a great day with so many different cetacean species!

Photos of the whales from the morning tour:

Swimming with dolphins in the afternoon:

Thank you to our client Brian Phelps for sharing this photo with us

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