Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Whales every day in São Miguel

Despite different weather conditions throughout this month, here in São Miguel we have encountered whales every day and every tour that we have been on during April. This morning we rode out on a wavy ocean, but nevertheless the whales were out there waiting for us. There were fin whales all around, we really can't way how many were out there because we aren't sure. Our boats spread out in the area, encountering the different fin whales as they came up to the surface. Like yesterday photography was difficult due to the waves, but from one of our boats we got lucky in the end, just when we tried to leave the area the beautiful fin whale (in the photographs below) surfaced right next to us. As well as the whales we also encountered a small group of common dolphins inshore and some loggerhead turtles were seen from the different boats we had out on the water.

Photos from today:

A loggerhead turtle with algae on its back

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