Thursday, May 12, 2016

A curious blue whale and playful dolphins

This morning we had an incredible encounter with a very curiuos blue whale. It's already amazing to see a blue whale, the biggest animal in the world, so to see a curious one is even better. The whale was going on short dives and always surfacing near our boats. Sometimes VERY near, especially one of our boats "Song of Whales". It seemed this calm and curious blue whale was watching us just as much as we were watching it. We don't often get to see a whale this close as we cannot get too close to them, unless we have one of these rare times that the whale chooses to surface right next to us. 

We also had some great dolphin encounters with our 3 resident dolphin species. In the morning there was a huge group of common dolphins spread out over a large area. We estimated there were somewhere between 100 and 200 dolphins. In the afternoon a couple of our boats saw some common dolphins again and for the rest of us there was a nice group of bottlenose dolphins (with a very cute little calf) and 3 Risso's dolphins. Now we have a third tour out on the water so we are eagerly waiting to hear what is out there are the end of this great day.

Photos from the morning:

The curious blue whale

Photos from the afternoon:

An encounter with a loggerhead turtle

Risso's dolphins

A juvenile Risso's dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin calf leaping behind its mother

One of our zodiac boats with the bottlenose dolphins

Our other zodiac with the bottlenose dolphins

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