Friday, May 27, 2016

A distant blow

Today we went in different directions to encounter different groups of dolphins. Our boat Song of Whales were with a group of bottlenose dolphins while the smaller boats stayed with a lonely bottlenose dolphins. It's rare to find them alone but sometimes they sent out scouts to find food or a male leavs a group to search for females. Next we found a large group of common dolphins and Song of Whales joined us. Then we set of to an area of a fin whale. Several of our boats never saw the body of the whale, they only the blow in the distance. But one boat were lucky to see the whale good enough to confirm the species. We also past by the beautiful place of Vila Franca Islet. The boats left the marina again in the afternoon in search of whales and dolphins, this time to the west of Ponta Delgada. We searched an area where our lookout had seen a sperm whale earlier, but unfortunately we did not see it, not even the blow this time. We did have a nice encounter with our friendly common dolphins though.

Photos from today:

The big lonely bottlenose dolphin - SMILE

Common dolphins surfing

"Alfredo" with a common dolphin friend

At Vila Franca Islet

Red rock crabs

Hello "Song of Whales"

Photos from the afternoon:


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