Monday, May 2, 2016

A familiar humpback whale, a blue whale and fin whale

Our famous humpback whale is still around. It's the same whale we encountered yesterday, as well as the last week of April and (last year) in Iceland. We saw this whale in the morning and afternoon, and both times it showed us its beautiful tail. We hope this friendly humpback whale stays in our waters for a bit longer. We also had the two biggest animals in our waters today, both a fin whale and a blue whale. Today was really a whale day and it truly felt like spring, the time of year that these big whales migrate through the Azores. We did spot a nice group of dolphins today too, about 30 bottlenose dolphins to end the afternoon tour.

Photos from the morning:

The famous humpback whale

Blue whale blow!

Blue whale

Blue whale

Fin whale blow

Fin whale

Fin whale

Photos from the afternoon:

Approaching the blue whale

Blue whale

Blue whale

Humpback whale blowholes

Humpback whale

 The humpback whale diving, showing its beautiful tail

A friendly bottlenose dolphin

Swimming with bottlenose dolphins

One of our observation boats with the bottlenose dolphins

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