Sunday, May 1, 2016

A humpback whale from Iceland in the Azores

Today we had a humpback whale visiting us off the coast of São Miguel Island in the Azores. When we encountered it we quickly realised it was the same whale we encountered on the 19th and 20th of April and it is an individual that was also encountered last year off northern Iceland. Individual humpback whales can be identified by the unique marks on the underside of their tail when they dive. During the morning tour we got to see a spectacular show from this whale as it began feeding on patches of krill at the surface. Several times we got to see the whale lunging out of the water with its mouth wide open to scoop up the krill and filter them out of the water. As well as this humpback whale we also encountered fin whales and bottlenose dolphins during both the morning and afternoon and common dolphins in the morning.

Photos from today:

Sequence of photos of the humpback whale feeding at the surface

Fin whale dorsal

Fin whale blowholes

Bottlenose dolphins

Photos from the afternoon:

Bottlenose dolphins

Fin whale blow

Fin whale breathing

Fin whale curving its back to dive

Fin whale

Humpback whale

Humpback whale tail, almost raised out of the water

Finally some nice light, perfect for seeing the white pectoral fins of the humpback whale through the water

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