Saturday, May 28, 2016

The calm after the storm

After a few days of bad weather we finally had the "calm after the storm". Today we could enjoy a beautiful sea full of marine life. 

We started the morning with a small group of Risso´s dolphins. It is always a pleasure to see these amazing creatures! After the dolphins we went to the area where the lookout found a family of sperm whales. We could enjoy the company of one of them who was really playful rolling around, showing us part of its tail, we could even see its head out of the water, sometimes we ask ourselves... who is watching whom? When we were starting the way back we had one last surprise... a fin whale!! The second largest animal in the world!

In the afternoon we had two tours, during the first one we saw a nice group of common dolphins, bowriding the boat. When we were heading to the area of a fin whale we saw a group of bottlenose dolphins but they were really spread out so we saw them really quickly. We found a fin whale again, this time it was really calm for a while, checking every boat. We ended this day with two different groups of common dolphins.

Photos from today:

Sperm whale tail

Fin whale blowing

Fin whale surfacing

Sperm whale head

Dorsal fin from the fin whale

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