Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The first pilot whales of 2016

This morning we encountered the first pilot whales of the year. It was a nice group of about 50 individuals with plenty of baby pilot whales among them. We could really see why pilot whales are recognised as one of the most social species as they were all together, grouping up at the surface. During the morning we also encountered 2 or 3 fin whales and 3 bottlenose dolphins that we have come to know from the way they usually surface with their heads high out of the water. In the afternoon we went out again with the hopes of encountering a sperm whale that our shore-based lookout had spotted to the east. We travelled a while to get to the area but in the end all we saw were distant blows because it was continuously diving, travelling far underwater and only coming up for a few breaths between dives. However, after giving up on the sperm whale we were rewarded on the way back with lucky encounter with a fin whale, and during this tour we also encountered a group of about 30 bottlenose dolphins that we know well as the group of "Egyptian".

Photos from the morning:

Pilot whale calf surfacing high next to an adult

Pilot whales

Pilot whales

Pilot whales

The top of the head of a fin whale

Fin whale blow

Fin whale almost raising its tail out of the water

Watching bottlenose dolphins

Loggerhead turtle

Photos from the afternoon:

Bottlenose dolphin

A famous dolphin we call "Egyptian" because of its pyramid-shaped dorsal fin

Fin whale

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