Sunday, May 15, 2016

Wildlife all around

This calm Sunday we saw lots of different species, we saw two lovely fin whales in the morning, and common dolphins. Among the common dolphins we also had one individual without the yellow colour (see photos). In the afternoon we saw both common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. The common dolphins had lots of new born babies with them. And the group of the bottlenose dolphins had a well-known friend, Max, in the group. Max is missing the top jaw (see photos). The fin whale that was around were really shy. It was a young individual not letting boats appraoch so we saw it from a distance. We have to respect that the whales have all different personalities and we are guests in their homes. Other species sighted during this Sunday was an ocean sunfish (Mola mola), loggerhead turtles, spearfish, portuguese man-o-wars and lots of birds

Photos from the morning:

Fin whale

Fin whale

Fin whale

Common dolphin

Dark common dolphin and a normal one

Dark common dolphin

 Common dolphins

Photos from the afternoon:

A "normal" bottlenose dolphins - compare with Max below



Bottlenose dolphins

The fin whale - sorry I didn't get a better photo

Common dolphin jumping

Ocean sunfish dorsalfin

Aboard Song of Whales

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