Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A group of sperm whales and dolphins

Today we encountered two different family groups of sperm whales. In the morning we counted at least 12 whales in the group. They were grouping up together at the surface, so although we didn't see any flukes (tails) from these whales we got to see them socialing. In the afternoon we tried again for the same group of sperm whales but they were moving too far offshore. Luckily, later we encountered a second family group inshore, near Ponta Delgada. This time it was a group of at least 7 or 8 whales, and with a bit of patience the clients got to see an adult with a baby, and eventually see the tail of the adult.

We also encountered bottlense dolphins and common dolphins. The swimmers had the opportunity to swim with with common dolphins, in the group there were many babies, really active at the surface, full of energy jumping out of the water! What a beautiful day!!

Photos from the morning:

 Watching bottlenose dolphins

 Our swimming boat with the bottlenose dolphins

 Watching common dolphins

 One of the sperm whales, with white marks on its head

Another one of the sperm whales of the group

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