Thursday, June 2, 2016

Encountering the 2nd and 3rd largest animals in the world

After a week of bad weather we finally had the chance to return to the ocean today. And what a day it was! First, we started the morning with two fin whales to the east of Ponta Delgada. One of them was a very big adult, the other a bit smaller. Several times we got to see them at the surface when they returned from their dives. Closer inshore we encountered a small group of common dolphins which we were surprised to see were accompanied by a Risso's dolphin. In the afternoon we tried to see a fin whale again, but only managed to see the blow from far away. So we went to two sei whales instead, which we got to see really well. Finally, for our third tour we headed out in the mist to encounter a group of sei whales travelling together. We counted 4 individuals, 3 adults and a juvenile, although from our ID photos of their dorsal fins it seems there were more adults. It was a really nice encounter, not having to wait long to see whales at the surface because of how many there were.

Photos from the morning:

Watching a loggerhead turtle

A lonely krill

Photos from the afternoon:

Sei whale dorsal fin close-up

Sei whale footprint (mark left behind from the movement of the tail)

Photos from the third tour:

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Profile: said...

It was a absolute thrill an honor to be in the presence of the Sei Whales on the late afternoon outing. A memory to treasure for ever.

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