Thursday, June 16, 2016

Looking into the blowholes

Today we had flat seas and calm winds with a nearly summer feeling in the air. We can't ask for much better conditions for whale watching. We travelled out over the peacefull ocean, spotting a few seabirds as we headed towards our first cetacean species, a group of playful common dolphins. There were some newborn babies in the group which the adults seemed to be proud to show as they glided through the water around our boat's bow. After spending some time with them our shore based lookout guided the captains of our whale watching boats to the west where he had spotted some whale blows. It turned out to be 2 fin whales, the second largest animal species in the world. They were doing fairly long dives but we got to see them well when they came up to breathe. On our way back along the coastline we also spotted a small group of bottlenose dolhpins. They were unfamiliar visitors, perhaps a transient group passing by the island. 

Photos from today:

Common dolphins, mother with baby

Common dolphins, mother with baby

Watching the common dolphins

Our swimming boat with the common dolphins

Fin whale blow

Breaking the surface

Fin whale back

Bottlenose dolphins

Watching the bottlenose dolphins

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