Sunday, June 12, 2016

The baleen whales are still around

It's another baleen whale day in São Miguel and the ocean is very calm today today. In the morning we rode out on the flat sea to see the third largest animal species in the world, the sei whale. During the morning tour our coastal lookout reported the presence of at least 7 whales and we were able to enjoy the company of 4 of them. There were 3 large adults travelling together with a smaller juvenile. By the looks of it the juvenile was only a few months old and it was the first young sei whales we have seen this season. Dolphins played a part in our tour aswell. During the morning there were common dolphins spread out everywhere, it was easy to see why they are called common dolphins. We also had a nice encounter with a group of bottlenose dolphins to give us a total of 3 different species for the morning tour. In the afternoon we set out again to try to encounter some whales. Our lookout hadn't spotted any but after seeing common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins again we went searching and ended up finding a fin whale. It's great that we still have baleen whales around! 

Photos from the today:

Sei whale surfacing

Adult and juvenile sei whales

Watching a common dolphin

Watching a bottlenose dolphin

 Fin whale

 Fin whale

 Bottlenose dolphin leaping

 Common dolphin mother and newborn calf pair

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