Friday, June 24, 2016

Whales and dolphins for all to see

It's been another fantastic day out on the ocean with whales and dolphins for all to see. In the morning we encountered sei whales and in the afternoon sperm whales, so the two tours were quite different, but each one equally nice for our clients. The sei whales were two individuals travelling together and at one point from one of our zodiac boats we saw them right next to each other, with one the right way up and the other rolling on it's side and showing half of its tail out of the water. The sperm whales were in a group, although a bit spread out. At one point we saw 4 of them together, going on shallow dives and coming up occasionally to breathe. Although we didn't see their tails today it was nice to see our resident whale species. We also had plenty of dolphins throughout the day and we enjoyed the company of some really small newborn common dolphins.

Photos from today:

Two sei whales, one with it's tail tip showing and the other showing its dorsal fin

Sei whale

Sei whale close-up, showing the distinct tall dorsal fin

Common dolphin

Common dolphin

Common dolphin leaping

Our german speaking guide Claudio explaining our sigthings of the morning

Our catamaran clients from the morning

Two sperm whales

A sperm whale surfacing to breathe

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