Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Whales to the east

Today in the morning we travelled along the coast to the east part of São Miguel Island, enjoying beautiful views of the green coastline on our way to the whale area. We had a group of sperm whales to see there, a family of at least 7 whales, including at least 2 small calves and a juvenile. The trip out to them was well worth it, we all got to see plenty of whales. In the same area our catamaran Cetus could see a sei whale, towards the end of the encounter almost together with the sperm whales.

On the way to the sperm whales we found different groups of our resident species of dolphins; common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. The swimmers had a wonderful time with them! Our afternoon tour was more sunny and also full of great sightings. First we encountered a group of common dolphins in the beautiful bright blue water. We got to see some tiny newborn babies and also some mating behaviour of dolphins creating the next generation of babies. Next we encountered a small group of bottlenose dolphins, together in the same area as a loggerhead turtle that was soaking up the sunlight at the surface. Finally, we encountered a sei whale on its migration route. We got to see it several times at the surface and then left it to continue its travels.

Photos from today:

Sperm whale spyhopping

Sperm whale diving

Sperm whale fluke

Sperm whale family

Common tern feeding

Vila Franca do Campo

Beautiful landscape of the island

Photos from the afternoon:

Sei whale in the sunlight

Common dolphins - mother and newborn calf

Common dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins

Enjoying the summers day aboard our catamaran "Cetus"

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