Sunday, July 31, 2016

5 Species of dolphins!

Today was a dolphin day! In our tours of the day we could enjoy with the company of 5 different species of dolphins.

In the Azores there are three resident species, today we started the morning seeing the three of them! the species that we see more often are the common dolphin and the bottlenose dolphin but today we could see the other one...Risso's dolphin! It was a nice group with many young ones. We finished the morning with a large group of Atlantic spotted dolphin, one of our summer visitors! the group was very active, bow riding and jumping out of the water... an excelent opportunity for our clients to take pictures that they will always remember!

The afternoon was also full of dolphins, we could add another species to our dolphin list...striped dolphin! another species that prefers warm waters. We could see them making long shallow leaps above the water changing the direcction all the time... that's what we usually see in the Azores when we encountered this species! What a day!    

Photos from today:

Atlantic spotted dolphin jumping

Group of Striped dolphin

Mom and baby Spotted dolphin

Atlantic spotted dolphin

Risso's dolphin

Baby common dolphin

Bottlenose dolphins surfacing

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