Wednesday, July 20, 2016

6 species on a summer day!

During our tours today we had the opportunity to see 6 different species of cetaceans.

We started the morning with our more common sighting... common dolphins! after them we found a nice pod of bottlenose dolphins. We stayed with them for a while  but once we had news from our look out we had to keep going! The look out had great news for us, a fin whale! the second largest animal in the world (a species that we usually see just during the spring time) delighted us with its presence.

In the way to the fin whale we were surprised with a special encounter, a family of Risso's dolphin. Despite this species being resident in the Azores we don't encounter them really often so we can say that this sighting made our day!.

On the way back to Ponta Delgada, after a great tour, one of our boats was lucky enough to see atlantic spotted dolphins... a summer species!

The sightings from the afternoon were really different, as we always say... every tour is a surprise in the Azores!

We started the tour with sperm whales, we had to wait for them for while (they were doing a deep dive), but patience pays off and we could enjoy the presence of two individuals surfacing really calm for a while, doing shallow dives every once in a while.

We finished the day with common and bottlenose dolphins, we could see many babies in both groups!

Photos from the day:

Fin whale
Sperm whale
Risso's dolphin
Playful bottelnose dolphins
Baby bottlenose dolphin
Risso's dolphin

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