Thursday, July 7, 2016

A fun family of sperm whales

Another beautiful day at sea. Our morning started with an amazing huge group of striped dolphins. Next we moved on to a group of common dolphins and we ended up with a beautiful family of sperm whales. In the afternoon, the common dolphins started our trip and we ended with the sperm whale family again. They were really nice to encounter as they were super curious towards our boats and gave us a great show, especially one with its tail!

Photos from today:

The incredible striped dolphins

The striped dolphin

A young playful striped dolphin

Sperm whale watching from aboard our catamaran

Two sperm whale heads, one with its mouth open

Heads and tails

Watching a sperm whale lobtailing

Sperm whale lobtailing

Dolphin watching from our catamaran 

Our boats in the afternoon

The beautiful coastline of São Miguel island

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