Monday, July 18, 2016

A sunny day with spring and summer species

It's been a fantastic sunny day in São Miguel and we have enjoyed it out on the ocean encountering some of our resident dolphin species as well as seasonal and migratory species that typically occur here during the spring to summer time. In the morning we started with a group of our resident common dolphins, who were curious and keen to swim with our boats like usual. Further to the east we encountered a fin whale which we all managed to see. From one of our boats further to the east some northern bottlenose whales were also seen from a distance and from another boat some striped dolphins among a feeding group of common dolphins and Cory's shearwaters. The final species of the morning was the Atlantic spotted dolphin, a common summer time species. In the afternoon we started with the common dolphins again and then set of further out to see a group of pilot whales. It was only our second encounter with them this year, so it was a privelege. It was great to see some small babies in the group too. We ended the afternoon with two large fin whales closer to shore. So, today it was whales and dolphins for all again!

Photos from the morning:

Watching common dolphins

Fin whale, showing its blowholes

Fin whale curving its back to dive

A flock of Cory's shearwaters

Atlantic spotted dolphin

Another common dolphin encounter

Photos from the afternoon:

Common dolphin

Common dolphin

Pilot whale mother with its calf in front

Pilot whales

Pilot whale

Pilot whale

Fin whale blow

Fin whale

Fin whale

Footprint of the fin whale

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