Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Another sperm whale day

We started out today searching for a baleen whale (probably a sei whale) but the whale never showed up, so instead we ended up with our resident sperm whales. In the morning we had a nice family group out there, the same group that we encountered yesterday and also on Friday. It is a group that we know well, there are some individuals that we have seen since at least 2003. From our catamaran in the morning we got to see 4 individuals, each one of them showing us its beautiful tail. We instantly recognised some individuals from the group, whales we call "Left tip", "Marble" and "Small u". In the afternoon it took a bit more searching to find the whales, but again we had a group of sperm whales out of Ponta Delgada. This time it was a different group and we didn't see any tails, so we don't know yet who they were. Thanks to our biologist Ida we managed to find this group in the afternoon and we pinpointed their location when one of them breached (jumped out of the water). As well as sperm whales today we also had some great dolphin encounters. In the morning we encountered Atlantic spotted dolphins (only the second time this year for us) and in the afternoon we had a group of common dolphins. It's been another great summer's day!

Photos from today:

 Atlantic spotted dolphins

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