Friday, July 8, 2016

Lots of baleen whales and sperm whales

Today we encountered several baleen whales, fin whales and sei whales. Plus several groups of bottlenose dolphins. On one side of the island it was more calm but grey and on the other side sunshine but a bit more wavy, we still got to see the wonderful migrating baleen whales. The fin whale (can reach 27 m) is the second largest animal in the world, and they were a curious towards us. The sei whale are the third largest animal (can reach 20 m) were as usual travelling west. Both species are heading north, and we are lucky to still see them around as we are in the end of their migration. In the afternoon we also sighted sperm whales, our resident friends.

Photos from the morning:

Photos from the afternoon:

Photos from the late afternoon tour:

***Please check back in the next few days***

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