Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Many different species today!

 Today we had an amazing day full of different species. In our whale watching tours we saw common and bottlenose dolphins and a nice family of sperm whales. In the afternoon, the dolphins were present and we saw a big fin whale, even it’s a bit late in the season of baleen whales, they are still around!
Our swimming with dolphins boats were also very lucky they swam with both bottlenose and common dolphins and they were lucky to swim with a giant oceanic manta ray!
We also saw many kind of birds and sea turtles, the ocean was full of life today!

 Our catamaran with some bottlenose dolphins in the bow

 Sperm Whales

 Sperm Whale turning courious and 'looking' to us

 Fin whale

Big Manta Ray swiming with our clients 

The manta ray was courious today

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