Monday, July 25, 2016

Playful dolphins and mysterious whales

Today's tours were all about the dolphins. We tried to see whales too, as we did have baleen whales around, but it was difficult to actually see them today. In the morning we only got as far as seeing a blow from one of the whales once, and in the afternoon we saw some blows but also the body of one at the surface. We waited patiently for the whales to return to the surface but never saw them again. From their blows we could see they were one of the baleen whale species, and the body we saw in the afternoon indicated it was a fin whale. It is late in the year to see these springtime migrators, so we were surprised to see this much, even if we didn't see more of the animals at the surface. Nevertheless we encountered plenty of dolphins during the day. In the morning we started with some bottlenose dolphins, which turned out to be the well known group of "Bubblemaker". Next we had the playful common dolphins and from one of our boats Atlantic spotted dolphins were also seen. In the afternoon our friendly common dolphins made the tour. We saw small baby dolphins in the group, and also baby making behaviour, so it was nice to see the dolphins were making the next generation for upcoming year.

Photos from today:

Common dolphins

Common dolphins mating (notice the white belly of the male under the female)

Bottlenose dolphins

2 familiar bottlenose dolphins from Bubblemaker's group

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