Saturday, July 2, 2016

Shy whales and our first spotted dolphins of the year

Today we started out encountering our more sighted resident species, common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. Just a bit further out there were whales to see, so after enjoying some time with the dolphins we set out for the whales. We spotted the blow of a baleen whale but continued a bit further where we had a group of sperm whales to see. The whales were shy today, both the baleen whale (which never showed up again) and also the sperm whales as they kept going on shallow dives and were difficult to watch. With a bit of patience, from aboard our catamaran we got to see two tails from the sperm whales. On our way back during the morning tour our catamaran came across a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins, or rather they found us as they came leaping towards our boat, surprising us all. It was our first encounter with this species this year, they have finally decided to join us for the summer! 

In the afternoon the sperm whales had left the area, but we still had plenty of bottlenose dolphins around and also a small group of common dolphins. Our lookout also spotted a baleen whale but despite our patience and much waiting we never saw the whale. Luckily the dolphins were very curious and playful to make up for the whale not appearing for us. We also spotted a small loggerhead turtle on our way back to shore, a nice end to the day.

Photos from today:

One of the shy sperm whales from the morning tour

Finally a tail, after a lot of patience

Sperm whale

Bottlenose dolphin

Atlantic spotted dolphins next to our boat

Atlantic spotted dolphin

Enjoying the ride on our catamaran

Common dolphin

One of the bottlenose dolphins from the two different groups encountered in the afternoon

Swimming with bottlenose dolphins

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