Friday, July 15, 2016

Sperm whales, beaked whales and lots of dolphins

Today in the morning we saw a lovely group of common dolphins, we got the news that our lookout had seen a larger animal jumped outside so we went for a search. One of our boats found beaked whales, and from our catamaran we did see a body and dorsal fin that looked like a beaked whale too. In the afternoon we encountered two sperm whales, our friends Left tip and Rainbow. It was a long tour but well worth it. We also saw common dolphins and we passed a few bottlenose dolphins.

Photos from today:

Common dolphins (morning photo)

Common dolphins (afternoon photo)


"Left Tip"

Sowerby's beaked whale surfacing


Anonymous said...

These photographed beaked whales actually seem quite like Blainville's beaked whales to me! Not 100% ruling out Sowerby's though.

Miranda van der Linde said...

Hi, thanks for visiting our blog. The colouration and arched jawline does make them look a bit like Blainville's beaked whales, however the Blainville's have an even more prominent arched lower jaw and they have a much shorter beak. The Sowerby's beaked whale has a very long beak, which we can see nicely in the photographs. Identifying beaked whales is very difficult. Thank you for your interest.

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