Friday, July 22, 2016

Whales and dolphins!

We continue having many different encounters and totally different trips in morning and afternoon! Today in the morning from our small boats we were lucky to see some young sperm whales, and later  from our catamaran a calf and 2 adults. We also saw three different species of dolphins: our summer visitors, the Atlantic spotted dolphins, very playful and curious as always and our resident common and bottlenose dolphinsIn the afternoon, in addition to the dolphins, we were lucky to see a very curious fin whale that checked our different boats! 

Photos from today: 

 Sperm whale going to dive (morning)

 A young male sperm whale (morning)
 Head of a calf (morning)

Fin whale (afternoon)

Fin whale (afternoon)

Watching the fin whale (afternoon)

Atlantic spotted dolphins everywhere

Atlantic spotted dolphins - mother and calf

Watching the Atlantic spotted dolphins

 Atlantic spotted dolphin :)

 They were many babies in the family

Great shearwater. This one is an early bird (they normally arrive in the Azores at the end of the summer)

One of our interns explaining what we encountered

 Our boat 'Song of whales'

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