Wednesday, August 24, 2016

3 Resident species of dolphins and beaked whales

Today we went out in the morning and in the afternoon hoping to see many species of cetaceans and… we did it!

In the morning tour we saw bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins. The bottlenose dolphins were spread out and travelling fast, we could see them playing with the waves. The common dolphins were calmer, travelling together in a group. Our boats for swimming with the dolphins were with them… they had a great time! One of our boats, the Song of whales, was lucky enough to see a group of beaked whales (most likely Sowerby's beaked whales). This was a very special sighting, beaked whales are usually really shy with the boats and they are great divers, spending a lot of time under the water so we don’t see them really often.

In the afternoon we saw the common and the bottlenose dolphins again but we had a new species for the list… Risso’s dolphin! It was a small pod with 5 individuals, all of them adults.  We could see them very well surfacing many times. The Risso’s dolphins with the age become paler (almost white) and they usually have many scars…check the pictures below!

Photos from today:

Beaked whale

Risso's dolphin

Common dolphins

Botllenose dolphins

Happy clients

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