Thursday, August 4, 2016

Another day with Elsemiek's family

Today we encountered the same family of sperm whales that has been around during the past week. It is the family of Elsemiek, an adult female who we saw today, together with other family members who we have named Angel and also Peregrine, among others. In total we counted at least 11 sperm whales spread out across a big area in the morning, of which we encountered 7 up close from aboard our catamaran. In the afternoon we re-encountered 3 individuals from this group, including Elsemiek and Peregrine again. We can recognise the different individuals from the unique and natural marks they have on their tails, and many individuals in this group also have distinct white marks on their bodies (especially Peregrine who has a big white patch on its back). As for dolphins, today from our catamaran we encountered Atlantic spotted dolphins in the morning and in the afternoon a small group of common dolphins followed by a huge and active group of striped dolphins. From our other boats bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins were also encountered during both the morning and afternoon tours.

Photos from the morning:

Juvenile Atlantic spotted dolphin

Atlantic spotted dolphins

Sperm whales, a beautiful moment showing a "Rainblow"

The first tail of the morning

2 of the sperm whales diving together

Another beautiful sperm whale tail

Photos from the afternoon:

Striped dolphins

Striped dolphins

Striped dolphins - a huge group of about 200 individuals!

The first sperm whale of the afternoon

Two curious sperm whales (Angel and Peregrine) passing in front of our boat

The sperm whale we call Angel

The sperm whale we call Peregrine

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