Sunday, August 28, 2016

Blue ocean with many dolphins

We had one more day today with really good visibility, the ocean was with a beautiful blue color.

In the morning the whale watching boats encountered two species of dolphins: spotted and striped dolphins. In the different groups of spotted dolphins that we found during the tour we could see many babies and juveniles… there is a baby boom in summer time! The spotted dolphins were really curious approaching to the boat many times. The behavior of the striped dolphin was completely different, they kept the distance with the boat, travelling fast and leaping out of the water many times.
The swimming boat could also see bottlenose and common dolphin, our resident species.

In the afternoon we started with bottlenose dolphins, it was a large group of friendly animals. After this sighting we went to the West and we tried our luck. The look out saw a "big splash" so we went to the area. After being waiting for a while some people could see two animals from the distance, they were beaked whales. We saw them for just a few seconds and we couldn’t see them anymore.  We were really patients trying to find the animal from the “big splash” but we were no lucky this time… nature is not always easy! 

Photos from today:

Atlantic spotted dolphin next to our boat

Dolphin watching

Adult spotted dolphin

Mom and baby spotted dolphin

Striped dolphins jumping

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