Saturday, August 6, 2016

Going around

Today we went around to the North coast, as the sea was rough on the south side and our lookout saw the sperm whales there. It took some time to get around but the reward during the morning tour was great. We started with two adult sperm whale and a baby, they were social and rolling around, spyhopping and we even got the see the eye of the baby. We left them when more boats arrived and on our way closer to the shore we got rewarded by a breaching sperm whale. On the way north we saw both common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. We tried again in the afternoon as our lookout saw the whales jumping out there, but we didn't find them. We did have a great time with Atlantic spotted dolphins, but the sea was getting worse and no luck with the whales.

Photos from the morning of the sperm whales:

Eye of baby sperm whale



Photos from the afternooon of the Atlantic spotted dolphins:

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