Monday, August 22, 2016

One more day with Sussi and Melia

Today the tours from the morning and afternoon were really different. The zodiac boats started the morning with a small group of Risso's dolphin , they were really close to some traditional fishing boats, swimming really fast and surfing the waves for a while. Then, not far away from the Risso’s area the whale watching boats saw a group of common dolphin. It wasn’t easy to see them at the beginning, they were fast, probably searching for food but they calmed down a little bit and we could see them really well. The morning tour ended with Atlantic spotted dolphin and a playful group of bottlenose dolphin.

In the afternoon we started with a nice pod of common dolphin, the boats for swimming with the dolphins really enjoyed them! After this first sighting we had great news from the look out… sperm whale blowing!!!

We went to the area as soon as possible and one more day we could see Sussi (a female sperm whale) with its baby. They were at the surface for a while and then Sussi went for a deep dive showing us its beautiful tail. But that wasn’t it! Melia (another female sperm whale) was in the same area and she also fluked… what a beautiful moment!

We finished the afternoon with a great show from the bottlenose dolphins… check the pictures!

Photos from the today:

Sperm whale (Sussi) going for a deep dive

Sussi's tail

Sperm whale (Melia) 

Sperm whale (Sussi) surfacing

Mom (Sussi) and baby sperm whale

Bottlenose dolphins jumping

Swimming with common dolphins

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