Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Seeing familiar whales

Today we could confirm that it was Peregrine's family (sperm whales) that we have been encountering these last days. We did not get flukes in the morning but just by looking at the dorsal fin of Peregrine we know that it was he or she. Other family members include Elsemiek and Angel, although we did not see them we did see lots of new whales as we got the tails in the afternoon and also a breaching (jumping) whale. This is perfect for our research as we can add more sperm whales to this family unit or group. In the morning we also encountered a large and very playful group of bottlenose dolphins with newborn babies. In the afternoon we encountered a different group of bottlenose dolphins that did not really care about us, but the common dolphins on the other hand were more then playful and showing off a little bit by jumping around. As the cherry on top of the cake we saw a flying fish in the end of the day.

Photos from the morning:

Sperm whale watching

Bottlenose dolphin watching

Photos from the afternoon:

Encountering the sperm whales again

Our fourth tail of the tour

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