Monday, August 1, 2016

Whales dominated today

The start of August was excelent with five species but the sperm whales dominated all the tours. We encountered a family of whales that gladly gave us flukes. From our catamaran Cetus we encountered one whale 3 times thoughout the day, loyaly always giving us the perfect tail. In the morning we also encountered 3 Sowerby's beaked whales. We did see dolphins during the day as well, but we spent little time with them as the whales stole the show. We saw our ABC Atlantic spotted dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins. And loggerhead turtles, to not forget!

Photos from today:

Head of Sowerby's beaked whale (showing how they got their name beaked)

Sowerby's beaked whale

Morning sperm whale

Second morning sperm whale (same as we later saw in the afternoon)

Happy afternoon whale watchers

Sperm whale "logging"

And the same whale again!

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