Thursday, September 1, 2016

A perfect summer's day with dolphins and a fin whale

Today another Azorean summer's day was upon us. We had great conditions out on the ocean, with clear blue skies and water alike. The morning was especially calm, which was great for watching the dolphins through the clear water around our boats. We spent the morning in very good company with both common dolphins and two different groups of bottlenose dolphins. Our swimmers also had some fantastic underwater encounters with the first group of bottlenose dolphins, which was the group of Bubblemaker. In the afternoon we started with the group of Bubblemaker and then set out to try to find a whale that our lookout had spotted. It took a lot of patience and waiting, as the whale was going on long dives and coming up for brief periods. Nevertheless we were rewarded in the end as we had a great encounter with the whale, which turned out to be a fin whale

Photos from today:

A curious bottlenose dolphin in crystal clear water

Watching a bottlenose dolphin we call "Bubblemaker" surfacing

The view from aboard our catamaran

Swimming with the dolphins

Fin whale blow!

The fin whale

The fin whale, together with a Cory's shearwater

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