Thursday, September 8, 2016

Another whale day!

Today the sperm whales are around again. In the morning they were very close to Ponta Delgada, in an area only about 500 metres deep, which is not much for a sperm whale that can dive to over 2000 metres deep. It was probably the same family group of whales that we encountered yesterday, with a very small calf among them. Between our different boats that were out on the water we encountered several different adults, at least one juvenile and the small calf. In the afternoon the whales were a bit further out and spread out as they were going on deep feeding dives. We got to see several tails throughout the afternoon. One of the whales was a familiar one that we encountered back in 2014. This whale has now been named "Solveig" by some of our passengers aboard the catamaran. As for dolphins, in the morning there was a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins that came and went, and in the afternoon there was a nice group of bottlenose dolphins for all to see. Another great day out on the ocean!

Photos from the morning:

When the light hits a whale blow at the right angle we call it a "Rainblow"

Sperm whale at the surface

Sperm whale curving its back to dive

Sperm whale fluke

Our boat "Quatro ventos" back out on the water after some maintainence time

Photos from the afternoon:

Enjoying the bottlenose dolphins

A sperm whale who has been named "Solveig"

Sperm whale calf

Adult and calf at the surface together

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