Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Beaked whales, sperm whales and dolphins

The summer sunshine and calm waters are still with us, making it perfect for whale and dolphin watching. Today we encountered a total of 4 different species throughout the day, with both whales and dolphins for all to see. In the morning we encountered both common dolphins and bottlenose dolphins (the latter being a big group that we know well because it includes an inividual with a broken top jaw who we call "Max"). After our dolphin encounters we went to see some beaked whales. They turned out to be Blainville's beaked whales; two individuals that became curious towards our two catamarans (a rare moment for these usually shy animals). In the afternoon we encountered only two bottlenose dolphins, but luckily they were interested in checking out our boat, and the real treat of the afternoon was sperm whales. We first encountered an adult female, then a bigger male who turned out to be the famous "Mr Liable". To end this great day out on the ocean we ended the tour aboard our catamaran with a couple of encounters with loggerhead turtles. 

Photos from the morning:

Common dolphins

Bottlenose dolphin

Watching the bottlenose dolphins

A bottlenose dolphin with a broken jaw who we call "Max"

The juvenile dolphin seen with Max

Our catamarans with the dolphins

Blainville's beaked whale

Blainville's beaked whale

One of our catamarans, Quatro ventos

Photos from the afternoon:

Watching the two bottlenose dolphins

The first sperm whale - an adult female

Sperm whale diving

The second sperm whale - Mr Liable

Watching Mr Liable at the surface

Mr Liable going on a deep dive

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