Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dolphins whistling

We started of this beautiful end of summer day with common dolphins spread out close to Ponta Delgada, just outside of the harbour. For a while the dolphins went in different directions, making them difficult to see, but in the end a nice group came together and we had a great encounter with them from our catamaran "Cetus". A bit further to the west there was a group of bottlenose dolphins that we could enjoy from all our different boats. Our swimmers also got to have some nice in the water encounters with these dolphins.

In the afternoon tour we started heading to the west. We founded a nice group of common dolphins; they were socialising with each other and swimming in circles. After the common dolphins we changed direction, following the instructions from our lookout on land. We had to go far out from the coast to find an incredible group of Atlantic spotted dolphin. They were really active, jumping as high as 5 meters! When they were bowriding in front of the boat, we could even hear their whistles. What a nice encounter! Right at the end of the afternoon we also found a big group bottlenose dolphins going on deep dives. It was a familiar group that includes a dolphin we call "Submarino" who has most of its dorsal fin missing. It's good to see this familiar dolphin and its family doing well since we last saw them.

Photos of today:

Atlantic spotted dolphin

Our captain Verisimo with the dolphins

Catamaran "Quatro ventos" with Atlantic spotted dolphins bowriding

Bottlenose dolphin - one we call "Bubblemaker"

Watching the bottlenose dolphins from the bow of our catamaran cetus

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