Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mr Liable is back!

"Mr Liable" the big male sperm whale was with us in São Miguel again this morning. He can't have gone far because we saw him just two days ago. In the morning we also encountered familiar bottlenose dolphins; the group of "Bubblemaker" that we see here often. In the afternoon we started off with Bubblemaker's group, almost in the place where we had left them in the morning. After some time with them we headed offshore to where Mr Liable had last been seen, but unfortunately he had left as quickly as he arrived to the south coast of this island. We did find another group of bottlenose dolphins out there, this time an unfamiliar group that was very large and included many babies. It was nice to see them enjoying the waves and they even put in their best effort to race our boats as we left them to head back to base.

Photos from the morning:

"Mr Liable" - a male sperm whale

Bottlenose dolphins

Photos from the afternoon:

The bottlenose dolphin we call "Bubblemaker"

A big group of bottlenose dolphins

Mother and baby

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