Friday, September 2, 2016

Mr Liable the sperm whale returns

Today a well known male sperm whale we call Mr Liable returned to São Miguel, after not being seen here since the beginning of June. Mr Liable was given his name because he is very reliable in returning to São Miguel on a regular basis, he has predictable dive times, he stays at the surface for a long time and always shows us a beautiful tail when he dives. Today Mr Liable was going on long dives of about 50-60 minutes, making it difficult for us because of the distance he was covering before resurfacing again. It took a lot of patience in the morning, but we went the extra mile for our clients and in the end we had a great encounter from aboard our catamaran. Mr Liable lived up to his name, he stayed up a long time so that we could reach him from far away, and he showed us a great tail. This huge male sperm whale has really grown a lot over the past years! Of course we also encountered dolphins today. In the morning from our catamaran we saw a group of bottlenose dolphins, and from our other boats common dolphins and striped dolphins were also encountered. In the afternoon we returned to the sea in one of our zodiac boats. The sea was getting a bit choppier, but it was a fun ride and again we were rewarded with an encounter with Mr Liable.

Photos from the morning:

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin

Approaching the sperm whale from afar - luckily our custom built whale watching boats are built for speed to make it on time from a great distance

Mr Liable - our most encountered sperm whale

Mr Liable going on another deep dive

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